The 2018 Gray Event Details


The Gray Event was held on Sunday, February 25, 2018. 

More than $47,000 was raised for the Save Elephant Foundation! 


Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona del Mar, CA


 The Gray Reception began at 4:30 p.m. with a live Thai music ensemble, Thai appetizers, creative cocktails, beer & wine, a silent auction, photos ops, and an opportunity to “Adopt an Elephant” that lives at the Elephant Nature Center.

The Gray Dinner began at 6 p.m. and featured a four-course dinner graciously prepared by the Chefs and owners of Thai District restaurant in Long Beach. 

The evening included Thai dancers, a blessing from Thai monks, and a live auction featuring a week’s stay at the Elephant Nature Park, cooking demonstration with culinary author Cathy Thomas, Lek Chailert and Café Jardin owner Chef Pascal Olhats, and a presentation on the Save Elephant Foundation by Lek Chailert.

Contact Patty Patterson at Café Jardin with questions: (949) 673-0034 or

100% of the net proceeds go to the Save Elephant Foundation (processed thru the Serengeti Foundations--Tax ID  541876544). 


  “The Gray Event” is an evening of food, wine and entertainment to raise funds and shine a light on a little-known issue that is near and dear to Chef Pascal’s heart: preventing the abuse of Asian elephants.

Chef Pascal was inspired to take action after a week-long ecotourism vacation with his wife, Christine, at Save Elephant Foundation’s Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand. 

“We met elephants rescued from all over the region,” said Chef Pascal. “Some had scars from shackles, while others had been used for tourist entertainment, causing major damage to their bodies. I was inspired by Save Elephant Foundation’s founder Lek Chailert, and knew I wanted to take action once I returned home.”

“Sherman Gardens and Café Jardin are the perfect venues for an event focused on such beautiful animals,” added Chef Pascal. “I know our guests will be inspired not only by the program we have planned, but the sheer beauty that will surround them throughout the evening.”

Even students were inspired to help--scroll down! 

Seven Toes Saves Elephants

  “One day in a quiet suburban town

A memory of elephants walked on down...”

So begins “Seven Toes,” a book written and illustrated by three 15-year-old girls that illuminates the magic and majesty of these wonderful and endangered creatures. 

When Erin discovered elephants were set to become extinct by the time she graduated from high school, she wrote a book to reveal the magic of these giants we usually see only through T.V. screens. With the help of her artist friends Bella and Andrea, the three girls bring the magic of elephants to life. 

All profits from this book will go to charities that rescue elephants from peril.

On February 25, Erin, Andrea, and Bella sold their charitable “Seven Toes” book as well as elephant pins, hats, stickers, and shirts they crafted at The Gray Event to benefit the Save Elephant Foundation, which was founded by the legendary Sangdeaun Lek Chailert. 

The girls raised $2,074 for Save Elephant Foundation at The Gray Event. Erin, Bella, and Andrea are honored to contribute to her cause. 

Visit their website and check out their book and merchandise--all profits go toward rescuing elephants: